The Script That Makes Patients Want To Refer

If you want to know exactly what to tell patients so that they send friends and family back to your clinic, then you need to use this patient referral script.

You know that every patient can be a powerful source of referrals for your practice, but did you know that what you say to them, and how you position your request for a referral is the single most important factor in whether you get the referral or not?

Most private practice owners ask for referrals as an afterthought, and make the assumption that the referral will happen as a ‘natural consequence’ of high quality of care.

This could not be further from the truth. A referral is the end result of a system that you need to put into place from DAY ONE, as soon as the patient walks into your clinic. In the video below, I teach you exactly what to say to make every single patient want to refer back to you.

Try not to change too much in the script below. Follow it almost exactly as you see it, and implement it for 4-6 weeks at least. You’ll see a 20-30% increase in patient volume.



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