The SINGLE most important skill to grow your practice in 2019 (and an INVITATION)

There is ONE difference between practice owners struggling to make ends meet and practice owners who have everything dialed in.

It’s not marketing.

It’s not websites and brochures.

It’s not clinical expertise and neither is it endless documentation.

This is inarguably the SINGLE most important skill to grow your practice and achieve more impact, influence and income in 2019.

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When you take a few minutes to read this letter, you will discover:

– The ‘secret sauce’ to a successful practice used by ‘insiders’
– How a single ‘rainmaker week’ each month can increase annual revenue by $151,200
– How to architect marketing campaigns that generate a positive ROI within 30 days
– The title of an actual campaign that bought in $5.33 for every dollar that was invested

and more.

This is THE Most IMPORTANT Skill to Transform Your Practice and Achieve More Impact, Influence and Income in 2019

See you soon!

Nitin Chhoda PT, DPT


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