The State of Private Practice for Physical Therapy

Things that will have a big impact on all private practice owners.

The State of Private Practice for Physical Therapy Marketing 

private practice

Medicare reimbursement cuts and Obamacare are going to have a big impact in the way we see, and treat patients.

The way practices are going to be subject to audits is also going to be overhauled, as are the documentation guidelines and requirements to remain compliance.

As CMS enforces strict requirements for documentation, PQRS requirements and Functional Limitation G code reporting, the other payers are expected to follow
pretty quickly.

The Concept of ‘Flatlining’

As a provider, you need to know what lies ahead, and continue to market your practice at the same time. You need to keep growing, because if you aren’t growing, you are ‘flat lining’. Flat lining is a pre-cursor to failure, and one you must identify and take quick corrective action on.

How to Avoid Flat lining <—— The SINGLE indicator about whether your practice is growing or not

Let’s face it.

As a small private practice, you are competing with larger forces, and bigger organizations with unlimited advertising budgets.

Here’s the Good News

Despite the size of your competitors, there is an advantage you have, that they don’t.

It’s the ability to market better, and innovate faster – the same traits that have served you so far, will help you thrive in the ‘new world of reimbursements’ that lies ahead.

In fact, depending on how long you’ve been in private practice, you probably fall into ONE of the two groups of private practice owners.

The category you fall into and the steps you take are going to play a big role in your successful physical therapy business private practice.

The big question is:

Are you that prepared on your private practice? <—– Here’s the road map.



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