The THREE biggest mistakes made by Private Practice Owners (#3 will SURPRISE you)

In this training video, I’m going to share the THREE biggest mistakes made by private practice owners…

                                      … and the third one might surprise you.

Here is a quick summary of the video. I STRONGLY recommend that you watch the video to get all the content since I share some relatively advanced techniques and strategies to drive your practice to the next level.

1 – Blindly copying competitors.

If THEY are doing something, you’ll do it too. (In this video – I’ll tell you exactly what to do about it).
You see, fundamental things like the ability to attract new patients, increase referrals from existing patients, improve relationships with referral sources and build expert status in the community will help your practice set itself apart more than a fancy website, nice brochures or a cool logo.

In fact, the RIGHT kind of marketing allows you to get back more than what you put in. So you put in a dollar and you GET BACK more than a dollar. This is called ‘positive ROI marketing’.

If you want to know whether you are simply copying your competitors, just ask yourself “What kind of marketing am I doing that is bringing in a positive ROI month after month, based on my own experiences?”

2 – Lack of differentiation.

If your patients see you as JUST ANOTHER clinic, it’s important for you to watch this so you can stand apart.   In the new economy that we live in, differentiation is everything. What is that you offer that is unique and beneficial to the patient?

Try and specialize so that it ‘is the thing that you are known for’.  If you want to determine whether you are differentiating your practice, just ask yourself “What is it that my patients KNOW me for?”

3 – Lack of a clear sense of direction for staff members.

Your staff members look up to you, and here’s exactly how you can guide and motivate them.   As I said this one is likely to make some readers uncomfortable. The most important skill for a business owner is knowing what to do and what to delegate.

For example, here are some things a practice owner should NOT be doing – making phone calls, picking up supplies, sending faxes, cleaning equipment.

Here are the things that an owner SHOULD ABSOLUTELY be doing – creating positive ROI marketing campaigns, consulting with the right individuals to grow the practice, building relationships with physicians, hiring and motivating staff, making financial decisions and creating 12 month projections for growth and expansion.

As an owner, you might find that some of the ‘important’ tasks are not part of a skill set. No problem – try to find / hire other individuals to guide you to get there.

If you are looking for a step-by-step plan to:

– create, execute and track marketing campaigns (the kind that your competitors wish they could copy but won’t be able to)
– set yourself apart as the go-to practice in your community and
– attract, hire, motivate and retain the cream of the crop

Then …

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