The VIP Patient Experience

I want to share a special lesson that I learned in physical therapy marketing.

I was in Hotel del Coronado few weeks ago. It is one of the most expensive hotels in San Diego. I noticed that it is a nice hotel, it got a lot of old stores is you like old furniture, if you like something that has antique feel to it. It’s kind of nice but I also stayed in the Hyatt the week before that and I notice that the Hyatt was much more sophisticated. It was much more modern and in many ways, I felt that the staff was much more polite, much more courteous, but despite that the Hotel del Coronado was priced twice as much as the Hyatt and they will completely sold out and in fact they were sold out in the next 2 nights.

It got me thinking, what does it take to make your practice and your patients schedule full? Is it the:

  • Location? (Hotel del Coronado is in a beautiful location)
  • VIP experience that people sort of feel and that they expect when they come to your practice?

When I analyze what hotel del Coronado is doing, not only that they are in the right location, but the overall expectation of someone who’s staying in the del Coronado is more of a prestige thing; it is more of a status thing.

“You know what? I stayed at the Hotel del Coronado.”

I thought that was fascinating. What you need do is you need to ask yourself: 

” Is there something that you can do in your practice/clinic that can make your patients/clients? Can it be a status thing for them for be a part of your practice? Can you make your practice so elite, can you set it apart to an extent that people who come to your practice actually have bragging rights that they came to your practice?”
  • That’s exactly what will set you apart.  depositphotos_13840939-Vip-golden-label-with-ribbon-vector-illustration
  • That’s exactly will allow you to charge cash for your services if you want to.
  • That’s exactly what will help you create a waiting list of patients as opposed to throwing some stuff against the wall and constantly looking for patients.
It is a lesson with what Hotel Del Coronado is doing here Coronado Island in San Diego. I think it is very valuable to understand exactly the things that make your practice a VIP practice center and give your patients an experience that sets your practice apart as opposed to being just another place down the street.

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