The X Factor For Your Practice

If there’s one physical therapist who has the ‘X’ factor, it’s Miami based PT Armando Cruz.

When he’s not running 50 mile races and managing six figure cash paying programs (as a physical therapist and athletic trainer), he’s busy selecting the clients he wants to work with, charging them a premium and retaining them with various post PT services.

In ten years of private practice, Armando has mastered the art of positive ROI marketing campaigns by generating repeat business and referrals through current clients.

“The old way of doing things is dead. What we have been taught leads to mediocre results based on hope instead of sound, dependable marketing systems”

Armando does not participate in a SINGLE insurance network, and when I interviewed him on Wednesday, 9/14. This interview will allow you to get a peak inside the mind of one of the sharpest physical therapists in the country. Here is a recording of the entire interview.


Not only is Armando a very successful physical therapist at the age of 32, he is also the creator of the X Factor Referral & Retention Marketing System which he will share in its entirety at the Private Practice Summit. Here are just a few of the things you can expect to learn from Armando when  you attend the Private Practice Summit on October 14, 15 and 16 in Rutherford, NJ:

  • How to create the X Factor Mindset for building wealth and skyrocketing your practice in the next 60 days
  • Discover what your most important asset is and how to properly leverage it to increase retention and increase referrals
  • Create a cult like following in your community that positions you as the authority in your local market
  • The 3 Secrets of the X Factor Formula to create your own high yield ROI campaign
  • How to juggle family and business and experience the joys of both, without one overtaking the other



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