Things Your EMR Company Won’t Tell You…

If you see Medicare patients in your PT private practice, things are getting harder and here’s why:

  • Functional Limitation G codes are a mandatory requirement from July 1, 2013
  • PQRS reporting, which used to be an incentive, is now a penalty
  • Medicare audits are on the rise
  • The impact of MPPR is significant, and not widely understood

There’s a lot of misinformation and fear about these areas, so I’ve decided to set the record straight with four webinars over the next few weeks.


Reclaim PT Private Practice Webinars <————-  Attend one of the webinars, or attend all four webinars.

These are not your typical webinars. They are limited attendance, nothing held back and are universally applicable to every PT practice with Medicare patients (regardless of what EMR you use). You’ll discover:

  • EXACTLY who is affected (type of patient, practice)
  • How to evaluate the impact this can have on your bottom line (it’s alarming in some cases)
  • What you can do about it (at least FIVE actionable strategies)

Ignoring this can cost you several thousand dollars (Medicare fees, penalties and lost revenue). I’m not going to let that happen to you.

In fact, what I am about to reveal on these webinars are things your EMR company won’t tell you. These are things your biller might not even know about.

Reserve your seat now for the Reclaim PT Practice webinar series, where you’ll get in-the-trenches guidelines, handouts and cheat sheets on:

  • Functional Limitation G Code Reporting – Friday, 6/28 at 6 pm EST
  • PQRS Simplified – Friday, 7/12 at 6 pm EST
  • How to Survive Medicare Audits – Friday, 7/26 at 6 pm EST
  • The Trifecta to Dealing with MPPR – Friday, 8/9 at 6 pm EST

Seats are limited because Go To Webinar allows only 100 attendees per meeting.

Let’s reclaim PT private practice.  You’ll get a combination of techniques to stay ahead.




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