Best Strategies to get Physical Therapy Patients

first learn the rulesA core tenet in becoming a physical therapist is the passion for helping people. If you are considering opening a private practice, a clear strategy is necessary to get physical therapy patients in your door.

While current patients are one part of the physical therapy business equation, another critical part is retaining them as well as recruiting new ones. This is not a one-time event but an ongoing process. You have to be ready to devote your time and energy to a constant mechanism of referral generation.

Your first step should be to meet doctors and educate them about your skills and the services you offer. Doctors are often asked to recommend a physical therapist, so you need to market yourself well so that you get referred. If doctors are willing to send patients your way, educate them about the advancements in physical therapy and be ready to give a demonstration if called upon to do so. This will help you get more physical therapy referrals from doctors.

If you already have a practice, your second step is to leverage your existing client base and ask your current clients to refer you to friends and family. There is nothing like word of mouth publicity from your current patients to get you referrals. Create an image with your patients so that they trust you and know that you are concerned about their well-being. This way you will be able to retain your old customers as well as get new patients when your existing patients refer you.

Educate your patients so that they know to refer their friends and family to you. If possible, offer some sort of incentive in return for the referrals. This could be in the form of an additional service, or a complimentary massage, a Starbucks gift coupon, a free T-shirt, etc.

Marketing yourself & physical therapy business at every step is the key.  Every little step counts as you try to get more physical therapy patients.

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