Which Is The Best Physical Therapy Software For Marketing Purposes?

There are several ways that software can help in marketing your physical therapy practice. Whichever software you choose there are some basic criteria that the software should meet. Physical therapy software should specifically help by improving referrals.

Here are two key ways that software can help you to improve referrals. The first is the software should allow you to measure the value of a referral. Good physical therapy software will be able to track and measure a referral and provide you data regarding the revenue and cost associated with each referral type and from each referral source. This type of information will help you to focus on leveraging the most profitable referral types and referral sources, and minimize those referrals that are likely to be less productive. Physical therapy software can provide you with the following data: length of time between when a referral was received and when the patient began treatment, number of visits per referral, revenue per referral, net revenue per referral, and the cost of each referral.

The second way in which physical therapy software can help improve referrals is by watching referral trends and maintaining communication between you and the referral source. Ideally, physical therapy software will tell you exactly where your referrals are coming from at any given moment, and will also flag off any new referral sources. This information will be of immense help for you in planning the marketing strategy for your practice. It will measure the value of specific marketing programs designed or targeted to specifically increase referrals.

Physical therapy software should also let you generate a treatment report that you can hand over to your referral sources. This will not only impress your referral sources but also set you apart from your competitors.

Your physical therapy software tools and reports should also be able to furnish data about which referral sources are providing you with the best patient-volume totals and where does the patient population with the best reimbursement rate reside, The answers to these questions will provide you with data that will be helpful in designing your marketing efforts.

Your software should help you build and maintain your referral network. The software should be able to record specific values such as zip code, service code, date of service, location, line item referral source, line item diagnosis, charge, payment, adjustment, and all other relevant information, and then be ale to organize and sort this information into decision support manuals. Ultimately, the physical therapy software of your choice should help you improve your rate of referrals.

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