Why Build A Tribe Of Followers

marketing-physical-therapyIn building a successful physical therapy business practice, it’s important to have patients who act like ‘human billboards’. They become your biggest fans, your followers and your supporters.

They become your tribe.

Seth Godin, the New York Times bestselling author, talks extensively about the importance of having a list of ‘followers’, providing them with valuable, ongoing information or other forms of value.

Essentially, you give, give, give, and over deliver. Get someone to know you, like you and trust you. You use education to empower patients and encourage referrals.

Over a period of time, if the ‘value’ is meaningful and significant, your visitors / readers will become clients / patients. If they have a good experience as a client / patient, they will become a follower, a part of your tribe.

Then, when you want them to take an action, they are more likely to take it. That action may be

  • Please give me a referral
  • Please give me a testimonial
  • Please try this new thing we have to offer

A tribe has certain characteristics. This is a group of individuals who:

a) Give you their time and attention despite busy lives (strangers who become prospects)

b) Actually listen to what you have to say and in fact, look forward to your news. (prospects who are potential customers)

c) Know you, like you and trust you so much that they become walking, talking billboards  for your clinic and facility. (customers who become powerful referral sources).

Are you building a tribe? If not, start building one today and further the reach of your physical therapy business. Offer something of value, create a database and communicate with them consistently, delivering ongoing value and benefit. Your tribe will grow exponentially.

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