WHY You Should Be At The 2019 Private Practice Summit Event

We are getting close to the week and I am doing a complete evaluation of my own business.
Here are some of the things I am looking at:

a) My BIGGEST income producing activities
b) The BEST opportunities for my physical therapy business to provide EVEN MORE services to my clients
c) The activities that DRAIN my energy and can be delegated
d) The CRITICAL levers in my business

It’s important to check the health of your own physical therapy business once in a while. We don’t think twice about patient evaluations, but how often do we evaluate the health of our own business?

I like to think of a business as a building that grows upwards, towards the sky. As a business grows, change and improvement is harder to implement, but it also has a big impact that trickles down to the core, transforming the business.

One Saturday in July, I spent the entire day with a group of high level entrepreneurs – private practice owners who are generating six and seven figure revenues and we all get together and discuss what’s working in our business, what we need help with, and basically share success ideas and ways to get from “here to there” faster.

Imagine being able to borrow nine successful people’s minds for a day and have them work on your business. It’s like strapping a rocket to your car.

Nothing beats getting “up close and personal” with super achievers. Networking with like-minded people has been my number one secret for getting my businesses to massive success quickly. Having people I can call on, meet with, and partner with has been instrumental for my business.

And that’s what I want to impress upon you today.

There’s something magical that happens when you meet with people live and in person. Relationships are forged, contacts are made, ideas are shared, new ventures are born, and all of a sudden your practice explodes!

I go to as many live events, seminars, masterminds, and workshops as I can. And at each and every single one, without fail, I’ve created contacts and forged relationships that have given my business major speed.

Yesterday at our monthly inner circle I shared many of my success breakthroughs with these pioneers. And in return I got a TON of ideas that otherwise would have taken me months or years to get and implement.

How about you? Are you getting “up close and personal ” with other success-minded people? Do you have a network of people you can turn to for ideas, tactics, and advice?

Nothing beats getting away from the office and networking with others. Nothing will give you more speed, clarity, and direction than spending time with others who force your mind to expand.

If you don’t have a network around you – create one. Find super achievers who you can learn from and create your own mastermind or inner circle.

Better yet come to the Private Practice Summit 2019 and network with hundreds of top earning private practice owners, with me, and with the OUSTANDING lineup of presenters I have for you.

When you see the line up of new, under the radar presenters I got to share their success secrets with you, you will see why this is THE single event to be at if you want to get more patients, more revenue and more time off to do the things you love.

Come forge your relationships and find joint venture partners who can help give your private practice MAJOR speed and traction.

Seats are going fast.

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