10 Ways to Grow Your Practice with Newsletters

Ways to Grow Your Practice using Newsletters

The breakdown in communication in Washington has led us down a path that a majority of Americans disapprove of. Speaking of communication, there are several ways you can grow your practice using something as simple as an emailed newsletter.

As private practice physical therapy business owners working hard to serve patients, stay compliant and make a decent living in the process, there are some things that are not under our control, but there is a lot that is.

For starters, you can use technology like Therapy Newsletter to automate and distribute content rich newsletters to patients, physicians and the community and build your reputation as an expert in your community and the ‘go to clinic’.

In this article, you’ll discover 10 ways to grow your practice on physical therapy marketing with newsletters.

1) Ask for referrals in your newsletter.

Tell patients “The best way you can thank us is by referring a family member or friend. We’re never too busy for your referrals and we depend on word of mouth referrals from valued patients like yourself”. Sometimes, all you have to do to get a referral is to ask.

2) Spotlight a patient success story.

Feature a patient as being your success story, and write a human story about the change you made to this patient and his / her quality of life.

3) Get readers to know, like and trust your staff.

Share something about you or your staff that may resonate with your audience. For example, “We want to congratulate Sherry for her three year wedding anniversary”. People relate to people. Humanize your staff. Your patients are more likely to remember Sherry’s anniversary announcement than her credentials and the continuing education workshops your staff is attending.

4) Distribute print versions of your newsletter.

Distribute print versions of your newsletter with every patient. Always use multiple modes of distribution (email, print, fax) to maximize the reach of your content. Different people prefer to consume content in different ways.

5) Use the newsletter as a platform to feature local physicians.

Feature local physicians and other referral sources as ‘recommended providers’ in your newsletter. This is an excellent way to ‘break the ice’ and forge new referral relationships, and consolidate existing ones.

6) Promote time-sensitive offers to drive patients in.

Offer ‘limited time offers’ in your newsletter (complimentary massage, fitness evaluation etc). Always combine content with promotions, and don’t hesitate to let patients know what you have to offer. You’re working hard to provide valuable content, and you have earned the right to promote what you do and ask for the referral or the visit. I do it myself on this blog, with the several products we offer.

7) Give away educational resources.

Give away educational resources – gifts like books, audio CDs and instructional videos in your newsletter. People love freebies, especially if they are inexpensive to produce, and have a high perceived value.

8) Provide a simple, decisive action for readers.

Include a ‘call to action’ in each newsletter (Call us today for…..). If you don’t ask for the ‘action’, your marketing will not generate a return on investment.

9) Communicate often, at least twice a month.

Communicate at least twice a month so you stay connected with patients. You want to stay ‘in their mind’. Once a month is very infrequent. You’ll be forgotten and you’ll be perceived as irrelevant.

10) Provide an incentive for patients to say yes.

Instead of saying ‘sign up for our newsletter’ in person or on your website, say ‘we’d like to send you an ebook on arthritis prevention (or any other topic)
and we’ll also subscribe you to our email newsletter, don’t worry, you can unsubscribe at any time’. It’s an acceptable way to entice individuals to sign up for your newsletter. Businesses do this all the time. Remember the last time you went to a mall, and you were asked to provide your email address to get discount offers by email? It’s the same principle.

Now here’s the GOOD NEWS.

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