Before, During, and After of The Treatment Process

In this article, I would like to help you discover systems to increase referrals in your physical therapy business.

If you want to be successful in your private practice, you need to have systems for

  • Before the patients come into your clinic
  • When the patient is in your clinic
  • When the patient is discharged from your clinic



It is extremely important to have the whole thing completely mapped out. The patient needs to have a positive expectation of physical therapy even before they come into your clinic. This is called ‘pre-framing’ – a process in which the patient’s expectations are elevated prior to the first experience (evaluation) with the physical therapist. Before

The patient should know what forms they need to fill out and should be provided with easy-to-understand directions and reasons to print and fill out the form before they come to your clinic. You can establishing positive expectations by:

  • Getting their email address and emailing them what they can expect before they come into your clinic
  • Getting their cellphone numbers and sending them some text messages on what they can expect
  • Acquiring the patient’s phone number sending an automated outbound voice broadcast
  • Have someone call them and set their expectations for what to expect when they come into your clinic
When they come into your clinic, you need to give them an outstanding experience. Not just a clinical experience but a human experience. You need to ‘wow’ them with everything they see, including your front desk, to the cleanliness of your clinic, and to the actual treatment process. You need to make the whole experience meaningful for them.

When they are discharged, you MUST follow up. You must maintain contact with each patient even when you don’t expect to come back for physical therapy. Why? Because each is likely to know family and friends who could become your clients one day. Also, when you remain ‘top of mind’ for patients, they are likely to praise you when they visit the referring physician.


Think about your entire marketing as one system that consists of the before process, during treatment process, and after the treatment process and you will be more successful and much more systematic in your marketing.

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