Three Ways to Grow your PT Practice.. by Stepping AWAY

This article is for you, if you want to become more successful in your practice, by DOING LESS.

You see, success is not about working hard, it’s not even about who is the ‘smartest’, it’s about knowing your role, and managing change and evolution in your practice.

This can only be done from afar. You’ve got to look at the forest without getting lost in the trees.

I was in Austin, Texas recently, and was able to step away from my business completely, because we have systems for the before, during and after processes associated with the ‘service’ or ‘transaction’.

You need to think of your practice as having three components, all of which need to be optimized to build better relationships with patients.

You can achieve this by paying close attention to, and re-engineering the before, during and after patient experience.

  • Before treatment
  • During treatment
  • After treatment
Before Treatment

Make sure you ‘pre-frame‘ the patient so that they recognize you as an expert even before they have stepped into your clinic.

During Treatment

WOW your patients with outstanding clinical care, the kind that has them talking about you with everyone they know. Let your personality shine.

People want to do business with people. Your patient’s don’t come to physical therapy, because they want physical therapy.

They come to physical therapy because they know, like and trust the physical therapist.

If there’s no personality in your physical therapy private practice, then it’s hard for prospects to connect and care about what you do. At that point, your business loses its competitive advantage and you become ‘replaceable’.

Take Pepsi and Coke for example. Sure, there are people who have their preference on which one they prefer. However, most people are not ‘married’ to either one. For example, if I’m at a restaurant and I ask for Coke, and they only have Pepsi, I’ll get by with Pepsi.

It’s easy to jump ship to a competitor when there’s no real connection.

By putting personality into your practice, you’re giving prospects something to connect to. That connection is more important than credentials or experience. Once people feel connected to you, it’s hard to break that unless you totally screw up. Once again, I highly advise staying in touch with your patients and keeping in constant communication with them. This will allow you to keep them in the loop with whatever is new in your physical therapy business.

Another benefit is that people remember personality more than they remember content. I attended a 3 day seminar recently, which probably featured 30 or so speakers. All of them delivered great content. But I remember 2 of them. It should be of no surprise to you that those 2 really put their personality into their presentations and a year later I’m still interacting with them and doing business with them.

The biggest advantage you have in your practice is YOU. So find elements of your personality to put out there for consumers to connect with.

Every prospect will connect to a different part of your personality. Those who have been following me for a while know that I have a one year old. and being parent changes everything. It’s simple, but it gives me and other parents something in common. Parents simply relate to each other, especially when we’re talking about infants.

Personality makes you stand out, and makes you human. Your competition can copy your product, copy your price, and copy your website. But they can’t copy you. That’s why it’s so critical to put your personality into your marketing and your practice.

The text here was written by Dean Hunt, a 29 year old internet entrepreneur who wrote an excellent article on how to use personality in your business.

After Treatment

Consistent, relevant follow up using physical therapy newsletter marketing and mobile marketing is the best way for you to increase referrals after discharge.

The biggest mistake most private practice owners make is assuming that patients will remember you after discharge. It’s very easy for them to forget. It’s our job to make sure they remember.

By optimizing the before, during and after patient experience, you can create an unbeatable VIP patient experience in your physical therapy business.

Your competitors won’t be in the same league.

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