Cash Based Fitness Programs For Physical Therapists

The United States is the most overweight nation in the world. Obesity rates continue to climb in eachgif-200state, every year. 

Preventive, cash based fitness programs represent the need of the hour and a tremendous opportunity for physical therapy business owners and personal trainers looking to market in 2009 and beyond. for a physical therapy private practice in particular, a well structured, cash based group fitness program has several benefits.

It can be:

  •  A low cost add-on for existing patients
  • An incentive for new patient populations
  •  A maintenance program for past patients
  • A value added service endorsed by physicians and
  • An extremely newsworthy service for the local media.

imagesScott Ward, president of the American Physical Therapy Association stated in his December 2nd, 2008 blog post (quoted with permission) “As much as half of the $2.3 trillion spent on health care in the United States today does absolutely nothing to improve health-and could be dangerous as well – according to chief executives of some of the nation’s top health care institutions who were quoted in the Washington post.One possible solution? A culture shift away from pricey high tech procedures to more conservative approaches such as physical therapy.”

From a personal training marketing point of view, it is best to design and execute a group fitness program.
Many personal trainers offer similar services and charge high cash premiums based on the perception of results they can deliver. Companies across the United States are now offering corporate fitness programs.




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