New Jersey is called the Garden State, and for good reason.  Spring is a fun time, if you ask me, it’s the best of the year. I was driving by a carnival, when I thought to myself  “Boy, it’s been a while since I went to one of those”…

Never been much of a roller coaster kind of guy, but the thought of lights, sounds, food, people and general fun-filled feel was too too much to pass up.

My wife was as excited. Within an hour, we found ourselves buying $2 tickets to enter a carnival in the busiest part of Northern New Jersey. It was packed with silly clowns, a pig race, more roller coasters than I care to count and tons of funnel cake and greasy barbecues.

I was starving, and Ritika had a sweet craving. While she headed for the funnel cake, I went straight to the Greek food stand, where the helpful old server (she must have been 60 years old, and looked straight out of the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” heaped on the lamb in my $5 gyro like there was no tomorrow. With her generosity, I felt grateful and wanted to thank her in some way.

She gave me a smile while piling on the lettuce and tomatoes and made her way to the cash counter.

And then there was hesitation, long enough to make a suggestion.

“This garlic yogurt is homemade, and goes well with your gyro, would you like some?”

I couldn’t resist, after all, I felt like I owed her. I gladly paid the extra $1.50 to add extra calories to my dinner.

She successfully added 30% to her sale (not sure if that was her intention or not, but I was glad to give her some more of my money).

30%. I’m no psychic, but I bet that always works for her.

Imagine for a second that:

a) She was not friendly
b) She was NOT generous in stuffing my food..

Which in that case, I would have NOT given her more money.

What can an extra 30% do for your physical therapy business practice?

Offer service with a smile, OVER-DELIVER…. and consistently UP-SELL more services to patients…

There’s nothing better than a patient wanting to give you money knowing that you will help them.  Instead of you requesting money hoping they will value your service enough to pay you.

The most successful physical therapy business owners have people clamoring to work with them.


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