Control The Patient’s Web Experience


How is your website currently structured?  

Does it control the experience of the user?    Let's Talk about your websit

It’s an important question, considering that everyone and their pet is online these days.

If someone were to visit your website, would they:

a) See an attention grabbing headline?
b) Want to provide you with my name and email address and other contact information?
c) Want to schedule an appointment with your clinic?

Or would they:

a) Get tons of information
b) Lack a clearly defined goal (sign up for our free book, schedule your free appointment etc)
c) Leave your website, with the intention to ‘come back later’ (which never happens)

The ideal physical therapy business site controls the experience of the visitor, transforming them from visitor to prospect, and then prospect to patient.
The visitor is not allowed to ‘sway’ away from the “most wanted response”.

Online behavior is predictable – companies like Google and MSN have spent billions of dollars testing ‘eyeball movements’, ‘click tracking’, ‘heatmaps’ and have discovered that it takes a few seconds before a visitor becomes

or is lost forever.

This is called ‘web analytics’. Wikipedia defines it as “Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and -Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage-.reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage”. Google, now a $100 billion dollar company is an expert at providing visitors with exactly what they want.

Does your website provide visitors with exactly what they want?

The truth is, our mental models of website development are WRONG. Our websites are an unrecognizable mix of information, self-promotion and represent a navigational nightmare for the average user.

Unfortunately, if your webmaster does not know what he is doing, it will result in lost patients, potentially tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue over the lifetime of your practice.

Getting your users to take the “most wanted action” on your website is a science, a result of years of testing, NOT a game of chance.

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