Top 10 Instant Private Practice Website Design Strategies

Let’s face it, we don’t have time to mess with websites, or interact with web designers.

You can’t ignore the fact that a website that looks terrible or has a poor layout will hurt your physical therapy business no matter how high it ranks in the search engines.

I’ve been testing and tweaking my own websites for several years now and have CRACKED THE CODE.

The truth is, you have a maximum of 5, maybe 6 seconds before your visitor forms an opinion.

You HAVE to provide your visitor with the right information immediately.The good news is, it’s a lot easier than you think.

Which is why I wrote the top 10 strategies to boost your response from your website

a) Identify the main focus of your site. Is it to collect a list of prospects and patients, or is it to get patients to make appointments? Your website should have a clearly defined goal, preferably lead generation. Everything else, including resumes about your staff, equipment in your clinic and libraries filled with information only detract from your main focus. Most physical therapy websites that I review lack a main focus. They are a mish mash of lots of different things blended together.

b) Give them what they want. Always provide the patients with the information they immediately want – How To Relieve Pain. Every website should have a section on “How To Relieve Pain”

c) Include “Prospect Stimulators” in your website marketing. Provide visitors with a valuable tool (a downloadable e-book, audio interview or a video) that gives them practical information they can use right away.

d) Make it easy for visitors to give you their contact information. Include the ‘sign up’ box for your prospect stimulator on the top right hand side of each page.  To be perfectly honest, if you’re not building an email list of local prospects, patients, media contacts, local businesses and potential referral sources and actively emailing them high quality, practical information, you are leaving a lot of money on the table and holding yourself back from achieving optimum success. You MUST build your own list and cultivate it.

e) Always have a strong, confident, benefit driven headline
on each page, one that resonates with the needs of your patients. A sample headline is “All You Ever Needed To Know About Pain. The Complete Pain Relief Solution. Period.” I see a lot of practices wasting this space just announcing the name of their clinic.

f) Make it easy for them to contact you.
Provide your contact information (phone number on the top right hand side of each page, close to the top margin. As simple as this sounds, ask yourself – is it easy to find your phone number on every page of your website.

g) Promote a FREE evaluation / consultation
where you invite patients to come into your clinic. This does NOT have to be an objective evaluation, but a simple medical history followed by an explanation about the possible benefits of physical therapy.

j) Leveraging video. Put up a video of yourself explaining the benefits of physical therapy. All the marketing in the world means nothing if you can’t convert that website visitor into a patient. You HAVE to get good at creating videos and putting them up on your website, and work closely with a web designer who can assist you with making your website more interactive.

k) Integration of social media like Facebook. Link your Facebook profile to your website and mention your website in your Facebook wall posts, to drive traffic to and fro between your site and Facebook.

l) Use a template that works. The fastest, easiest and most direct way to a successful website is modeling a formula that works. Don’t try to create a custom website and recreate the wheel.

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