Guiding Principles for your Private Practice

Guiding Principles

My mission is to help you clarify what you stand for, and that’s why I have written a set of guiding principles for your practice.

Here is a list of guiding principles for your practice. Pick and choose what you resonate with and make it part of your culture next week.

Feel free to customize and tweak some of these principles to suit your practice.

Most successful organizations have a set of guiding principles that define the actions of , and the success of the company.

For a private practice, here are a set of guidelines that can serve as building blocks.

These principles will help you and your staff set the right expectations with your patients and the community.

Our number one priority is to help patients recover as quickly as possible

You come to us because you want to get relief from pain and get better. We want to get you there as fast as possible. We succeed when our patients get better, faster.

We are always open to suggestions to improve your experience

There is always a better way of doing things. When you give us feedback, we listen and implement.

Our staff is trained and licensed to offer the best quality of care

We make sure that every single member of our team has gone through extensive training and certification before working with you. We are committed to continuing education and improvement in skills.

We will identify what it takes to get you the best results as quickly as possible

The initial evaluation is the most important aspect of treatment. By getting to the heart of the problem, we can help you recover quickly.

We will make your experience with us as enjoyable as possible

When you come to our clinic, you will get a lot more than a licensed therapist. You will get human beings who care for you and people you will begin to know, like and trust.

We will always try to exceed your expectations

When you come to a clinic, there are certain things you expect and others that you don’t. We will not only give you what you expect but surprise you with the things you never expected. We understand the value of exceptional service and we deliver a VIP patient experience.

You can trust us to do the right thing for you

Healthcare is a noble profession. It’s not always about the money, physical therapy business is about making people live better lives. We will treat you like a human being because we value your trust, and want you to be satisfied with our services.

We have policies and procedures in place to protect your privacy

Your information is always safe secure with us. Your privacy will be protected. Since you trust us with your personal information, we take the responsibility very seriously.

We grow with the support of our patients and the community

We are never too busy for your referrals. We depend on referrals from valued patients like you and the best way you can thank us is by referring a friend or family member.

Our staff members inspire and motivate each other

Our staff is very supportive of each other and we are a team. We succeed when you recover and get better.

We take responsibility for our actions and our mistakes and we constantly correct ourselves

Mistakes do happen from time to time. When we find out, we make sure the same mistake doesn’t happen again. Our goal is improvement, instead of perfection.

We are committed to the growth of other local businesses with the same work ethic as ours

We live in a community. As a community, we should support each other as individuals and as small businesses. We refer our patients to other small businesses when appropriate.

We are committed to the education and empowerment of all our patients

When the patient has the right information, good things happen. And improvement in healthcare is a joined responsibility between the patient and provider. That is why we are committed to patient education.

We strive to be an active part of our community and give back to our community

Helping individuals who are less fortunate than ourselves is an important aspect of balance and society. When you pay it forward, you are building a better future for the next generation. We’re  just trying to make the world a better place.

As a private practice owner, you know that times are changing, and that the impact of Obamacare is imminent. What worked six months ago is no longer working. In fact, there has never been a more crucial time to learn new marketing and diversification strategies for your physical therapy business.

What you must know to put into place a flexible marketing plan that adapts quickly to the existing economy…

– A day in the life of a successful private practice owner (wait till you see this – you will never manage your time the same way again)

– Workflow strategies that create an exceptional patient experience (do this right and patients will tell EVERYONE they know about your practice)

– How to build and coach an outstanding team (they will not only meet your expectations, but exceed them)

– How to streamline documentation, physical therapy billing and coding by getting your entire staff on board (save time, avoid costly errors and delayed payments)

– How to identify HIPAA compliance issues, plug the gaps and how to eliminate the risk for HIPAA audits

– “What’s working now” insights from other audience members” (learn what smart successful private practice owners are doing RIGHT NOW to stay ahead of their competitors).

These are the kinds of secrets only shared behind closed doors. These techniques have become the launching pads for some of the most successful practice owners in the country.

…so you need to drop what you’re doing and get registered right now!


Nitin Chhoda PT, DPT

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