HIPAA Compliance For Your Private Practice

I did a training session with Brian Tuttle, senior compliance consultant & IT manager for InGauge Healthcare Solutions. The topic was:

“HIPAA Compliance 101 For Your Staff – Common Mistakes that Your Front Desk, Clinician and Biller MUST Avoid Right Away”

Brian Tuttle - Nitin360.com

Brian Tuttle – Nitin360.com

Brian is a certified professional in Health IT, certified HIPAA professional, certified HIPAA auditor, certified business resilience auditor, Certified information systems security professional, certified cisco network associate. With an M.S. from Georgia State University (Healthcare) and 15 years experience in healthcare compliance and health IT, Brian has completed over 400 risk assessments performed nationally for both covered entities and business associates. He has worked directly with the Federal government on behalf of clients and writes for various healthcare publications. He has worked with multiple malpractice insurance companies, clinics, hospitals, IT companies, universities, dental offices, attorneys, and other entities privy to private health information. Brian is a HIPAA compliance consultant and has worked with attorneys, universities and insurance companies. Brian has created contingency plans and disaster recovery plans for client based consistent with provisions set forth in HIPAA legislation.

Here are some of the things that were covered:

  • Three things that your front desk should change right now on marketing physical therapy to be more HIPAA compliant
  • Common scenarios of compliance versus non-compliance in day-to-day clinical settings for physical therapy business
  • The data that your biller should (and should not) have access to, and under what circumstances
  • How to share information without patients with violating HIPAA compliance

As a special gift to my readers, I am giving away the audio recording and handouts associated with this training at no charge.

Please click here to access the training material (audio and handouts).

Have a great day!

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