Instant Physical Therapy Marketing

Here are some instant tips on how to market your physical therapy business practice. If you are not doing this, you may be leaving behind many patients and losing significant revenue.

Must become a member of the local chamber of commerce.

MemberThe benefit of the local chamber of commerce is that it provides a platform for business in the local community. Offering your services as an expert to local business is a quick way to gain credibility. Call and schedule a meeting with the chief of the chamber. Appear professional, be punctual and introduce yourself as the best physical therapy professional in the area. Volunteer to conduct seminars, breakfast meetings and lunch and learns. Get the contact information of local businesses and communicate with them, provide them with a special offer to get new leads back to your business.

Write a book, or publish an audio CD

Self publishing a book or creating an audio CD these days is pretty easy. These two will not only cement your reputation as an expert in your field, but can also be used as a very effective physical therapy marketing tool. Don’t assume its daunting, because it’s not. It takes less than an hour to create a powerful audio CD and this information can easily be transcribed and become a book. Create 50-60 pages of content, hire a professional editor to tweak out errors, add some pictures, increase the font size of the text and you have a respectable, 90-100 page book. The media loves authors. My book got me massive publicity on radio and TV within days of launch.

Position yourself as a leader by connecting with local health professionals

Contact local fitness professionals, weight loss surgeons and tell them you are doing an interview series for your clients, and you would like to send some of your clients to them. Conduct a phone interview and make it available as an audio download, podcast or an infoproduct to your prospects. In the process, you will build a connection that can potentially refer clients to you, or you to them. Health professionals love other professionals who give them referrals, instead of simply taking them. Imagine providing clients with an information packed audio CD. The process is simple. Call and schedule a time with the doctor or therapist and ask for 10-15 minutes of their time. All they have to do is to send you a biography, and answer the phone at a scheduled time, and talk to you.  Inform them you plan on recording the call and distributing it to your patients. Get their permission on the call before you begin and you are all set!

Stay in touch with consistent, relevant information

This can be a newsletter, postcard, or phone call. I use YouTube videos to communicate with clients and it has worked very well, and adds the human connection clients are often interested in. Build a large funnel of prospects and move them through the chain from stranger (or inactive client) to prospect, to client, to referral source.

Offer more than one service and specialize that service to each client.

Offer a ‘core service’ and 2-3 specialized services around that core service. Be geared to provide some sort of income generation service to ALL TYPES OF CLIENTS. Don’t leave any money on the table. In other words, diversify or get left behind.

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