Why Physical Therapists Should Write A Book

I attended a business summit in Connecticut and was fortunate enough to interface with one of the speakers, Christopher Guerriero. Christopher is a pioneer in health & weight loss programs. He has written over 20 books and has achieved success thru creating & marketing his Peak performance and energy enhancement programs.

I asked him about the importance of writing a book, and how it positions us as physical therapists in the patient and physician community. Click on the video below to learn what his insights are on this subject.

There are very few instances in the world when you can claim to get instant credibility. Writing a book is one of them, or at the very least, a booklet. If you are intent on seeing your clinic flourish, this is one BIG BREAKTHROUGH you might be overlooking.

This is definitely a step forward in establishing your credibility as an expert and at the same time revitalizing your current physical therapy marketing plan. I know this from experience. I myself have written several books, and a search for my name ‘Nitin Chhoda’ will reveal my books and DVDs on http://www.amazon.com.

As a physical therapist or physical therapy business owner with a growing practice, have you ever wondered how patients and physicians would react, if you had written a book? It won’t take a rocket scientist to surmise that this will definitely help in building your reputation as an expert in your field.

Writing a book may seem a bit daunting at the onset, but in reality, it’s not really that difficult.

There are 4 simple steps :

  1. Dictate your thoughts and ideas into a voice recorder.
  2. Hire a transcription specialist to convert speech to words.
  3. Hire a proofreader to ‘clean’ up the grammar.
  4. Publish with a self-publishing company.

It’s as simple as that.

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