Explosive Community Connections

connectivityOne of the most vital aspects to consider in conceptualizing a physical therapy marketing strategy is also the most basic. And that is your Community.

Fostering a relationship with your local community, even if you are new in town, is simple … with the right process. It is a concept that can easily be overlooked, but definitely should always be taken into account.

If you already have connections, this will be your first step in the right direction. All you need to do now is focus on the low hanging fruit, so to speak, and tap individuals or groups that hold sway in your community. Chances are, some of them are your present or past patients.

A great approach to get new patients is to contact physician groups and hospitals in your area and to ask to speak with the education director and offer to present an information-packed seminar.

Many physical therapy private practice owners don’t even know about the existence of an education director in such organizations, and this is where you can gain the edge over the competition.

  1. When you speak with the education director, be polite, friendly and professional. Put your best foot forward.
  2. Introduce yourself as a physical therapy private practice owner with a specialty in your particular field and express your desire to speak to a patient population as an expert, in the form of a seminar, free of charge.
  3. Be prompt in sending your resume, a well-designed press release, and a seminar outline with a hand written note.  Outline the benefits of physical therapy.
  4. Follow up with this individual in three to four business days with a courteous phone call and request for an update on the possibility of conducting a seminar or lecture for local residents.

When you follow the system, it is guaranteed to work, and you will end up with several public workshops and seminars. There is no easier way to position yourself as the physical therapy provider of choice.

The foundation of physical therapy marketing is the building of relationships, and reinforced with public speaking and community outreach. This is an extremely effective way to reach out to the local community and introduce your services as a physical therapy expert and healthcare professional.

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