The 3 Habits of Highly Effective Physical Therapy Business Owners

Most private practice owners  marketing physical therapy are in business to be their own boss. While some private practice owners struggle to get new patients, others are constantly growing their practice on physical therapy business despite an uncertain economy. The following distinctions will help you understand the three key differences between the moderately successful and the extremely successful private practice.

A-players think in terms of strategy not tactics.
The definition of a strategy is a carefully detailed plan to achieve a long-term goal. If you sit down with your calendar in front of you and plan where you want to be several months from today, you are thinking strategically. This will allow you to prioritize your short-term tactics to achieve your long-term objectives. Ideally, each tactic should help you achieve several strategic objectives.

key distinctionsA tactic on the other hand, is a solitary method or technique that helps you achieve an immediate, short-term gain. For example, your front desk person can call patients to remind them about their upcoming appointments, in an effort to minimize cancellation rates.

Tactics are small but important components in the overall strategy and marketing calendar. In my experience, a majority of private practice owners are tactical in nature and a few are strategic in nature.

However, a rare breed of private practice owners, less than 2%, possess the rare combination of tactical and strategic capabilities. This is the ability to see the forest and recognized the trees at the same time. This brings me to the second distinction…

A-players understand the importance of education-based marketing.
A-players understand that we exist in a competitive marketplace. The best way to set yourself apart from a competitor is to position yourself as an authority. The best way to do that is to consistently provide high-quality information that makes it easy for you to break through the initial barriers between yourself and the prospect/referral source.

This also allows you to put yourself in front of a significant number of people who may or may not need a physical therapy at the moment, but will keep you in mind for physical therapy at some point in the future. Most tactical private practice owners are only interested in referral generation but the A-players look to build relationships and establish credibility as a pre-requisite to referral generation.

They go the extra mile to build that relationship by creating and distributing high quality material. The advantage of distributing material like this is that you have complete control over the content provided to the prospect or referral source, and the power to create loyalty. With high quality, validated information, the recipients feel a sense of reciprocity. It sets the stage for you to ask for something, i.e. the referral. This information can pre-condition the reader to trust you and your practice and gives them insights that they never had before.
private practice clinicReaders become more conducive to your practice and everything you have to offer. This requires that you, as a practice owner, be more knowledgeable than any of your competitors. All your competitors will be focused on getting referrals, which will pave the way for you to focus on relationship building with an education-based marketing.

The best way to make education-based marketing infinitely more powerful is to combine clinically relevant information with a strong personal story, the kind that builds relationships. People remember people.
When you recognize that you don’t have to go from point A to point B in a straight line [like your competitors do], you can take a different path, break new ground, and establish your territory. This is much easier for small private practice owners to do because they are not encumbered by the hierarchy of large organization and hospital-based systems. Private practices that move fast and implement decisively will succeed in the new economy.

Have a great week!

Nitin Chhoda PT, DPT

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