On his wayPhysical Therapy Marketing is like a 100 meter race. You win it with speed and speed alone. You don’t win a sprint by combining strength, endurance, power and speed.

It’s easier to dig a deeper hole in the ground than it is to dig a wider one. You spend less energy, and are more likely to strike metal while shoveling less dirt.

If you want to bring in more patients to your physical therapy business, focusing on the key referral sources will yield more results, as opposed to trying to find anybody and everybody to refer.

Just because you use the same strategies on tens, maybe hundreds of doctors does not mean it will bring you more patients. In fact, the more you use a bad strategy, the greater the number of rejections and disappointments.

On the other hand, the right strategy can work well with 8 out of 10 referral sources.

The best referral generation strategy in your practice has components that are connected by a series of dots. These dots include

a) Specialization
b) Quality
c) Frequency
d) Timing
e) Trust

The law of numbers does not work with physical therapy marketing, the law of quality and patient satisfaction does.

Your message, focus and strategy has to be so precise and targeted, that patients and referral sources must sit up and take notice, otherwise you will get lost in the vast sea of invisibility that plagues many private practices.

In this age of consumerism and limited patience, we only get one shot.

Make it count by going deep with your physical therapy marketing, not wide.

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