Physical Therapy Private Practice Lecture

Private Practice TherapyConducting a seminar in Brooklyn, teaching physical therapists in marketing physical therapy private practice about the distinction between traditional physical therapy and cash based fitness programs.

Physical therapy business private practice owners are trying to understand the best way to implement programs for patients interested in fitness and fitness related services.

More and more patients are now aware of the advantages on fitness and wellness and are looking into living a healthy lifestyle.

But people nowadays are in to diet and fitness programs that they look for alternative ways.

We encourage you to watch the video of a seminar conducted in Brooklyn and learn the benefits of using physical therapy for fitness and wellness.

Key topics covered include:

– How do you know when the patient is candidate for physical therapy vs. fitness training?
– Implications for insurance reimbursement
– Best evaluation and diagnostic tools for patients that are likely candidates for a fitness program


The talk also dealt with improving the profitability of your physical therapy private practice.

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