Physical Therapy Website Secrets

A few weeks ago, I spoke with one of my coaching clients Dana Rushinski, a physical therapist from Brisbane, Australia who knew NOTHING about physical therapy websites. With a few simple tips, she was able to TRANSFORM her website performance from a measly 357 visitors a month to 1498 visitors a month within 4 weeks.

But that’s not the impressive part.

Learn exactly what she did to build her physical therapy website.

She now collects 10-12 prospect emails a day (I’ll explain how with a special article) and gets 2 NEW PATIENTS A WEEK from her website.

All this with just a few tweaks and NO technical knowledge.

This article is part of a special 3 part series where I reveal no-nonsense strategies to BOOST your online physical therapy marketing. I cover the 7 KEY mistakes made by private practice owners, when it comes to online marketing.

Mistake #1 – Overloading Patients With TOO MUCH INFORMATION

Mistake #2 – Inability To Objectively Measure Website Traffic and Conversions

Mistake #3 – Absence of a “Prospect Stimulator”

Mistake #4 – Emphasis on Credentials Instead of Benefits

Mistake #5 – Lack Of Search Engine Optimization

Mistake #6 – Picking The Same-old Boring Website Providers or Pinching Pennies With Website Creation

Mistake #7 – Failing To Understand The Business Metrics and The Return On Investment With Website Leads

I teach you more about how to build your physical therapy website here.

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