So Busy He’s AVOIDING Patients….(Incredible Story)

How would you like to be in a position where you were so busy that you actually had to turn some patients away?

Most practices have physical therapy marketing objectives(the need to get new patients). Once they have the marketing dialed in, the next priority is hiring and staff retention, because the practice now has more patients than they can handle on their own. In some ways, it’s a good problem to have.

As practice on physical therapy business grows, priorities change. The stakes get higher.

That’s when business coaching, attending events and networking with peers becomes critical.

That’s exactly what Tobin Forbus did. In fact, when I got an email from him I couldn’t believe what he had achieved.

Tobin’s incredible story is just one of the reasons I continue to do what I do for you.  Every private practice owner every single day – write this blog, conduct events, build automated physical therapy newsletter marketing solutions for practices, and make myself available to select clients for business coaching through my mastermind program, and my team available through the Referral Ignition Elite program.

Here’s a comment from Tobin at our previous event in Las Vegas. The date was April 16, 2012. This is even more amazing, since Tobin attended the event with his father, and won a scholarship for the event. It’s evident from his transformation that he’s made the most of it.

“I’ve been in private practice for six months and this is the second course I’ve attended from Nitin. Extremely valuable. A lot of great information. More information than I can implement right away but there are excellent ideas for new practice owners to really position yourself as an expert in your community. I highly recommend it for new practice owners. I can’t say enough good things about the conference.”
Tobin Forbus, Synergy Rehab and Wellness, Virginia
Here’s The Email Tobin Sent….

“We are growing faster than we can handle and are blessed with business. We are at FT PT, FT PTA, 2 part-time PTs, plus our massage and acupuncturist and are literally having to turn patients away due to not being able to see them for 3+ weeks. We are literally avoiding some of the marketing tactics we learned because we are confident they will work and do not have the staff capacity to handle the increased caseload right now. We are blessed and growing!”
Tobin Forbus, Synergy Rehab and Wellness, Virginia
Tobin is an action taker, and his story, just like Bill’s story of transformation from near bankruptcy to a $2.2 million practice in six months is an inspiration to private practice owners across the country.

Tobin’s been so busy applying everything he discovered in April that he’s actually had to turn away patients.

Moral of the Story
Every successful practice goes through these stages:

Survival > Referral Generation > Growth > Hiring > Expansion

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