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patient surveysin a physical therapyprivate practice (1)The baby boomers in the current generation are going to face age related changes like osteoporosis, strokes, and heart attacks, increasing the need for physical therapy. This creates a growing opportunity for physical therapy businesses & also more chances for physical therapists to get employed.

The scope of physical therapy jobs is growing rapidly. These days, physical therapy jobs can be found in fitness clubs and even hospital emergency departments. Physical therapists are being used to help prevent illnesses unlike the time when physical therapy was primarily a treatment option. This is why physical therapy jobs are available in places that were not known to traditionally employ physical therapists. You can look for physical therapy jobs in hospitals, private physical therapy business practices, clinics, schools, fitness facilities, and nursing homes, to name just a few of the many possibilities.

Although many jobs are advertised through word of mouth, there are several online resources that you can use in your job hunt.

If you are looking for state-wise listing of physical therapy jobs, try This site lets you upload your resume as well as search jobs. also lets you search for jobs by state. The good part about this site is that it displays the employer’s contact details upfront so you can get in touch directly without going through the site.

The site is a good resource for hunting for physical therapy jobs on the basis of state and setting. This makes your job search more focused as well as more specific.

You can also upload your resume for potential recruiters on This site has jobs categorized into different specialty areas such as physical therapy jobs, occupational therapy jobs etc.

If you want to do a more broad-based search, try the physical therapy job postings on This site has posts from all over the U.S from both employers and staffing agencies.

Before you begin looking for your job, however, decide which kind of setting you would be more comfortable in. When you look for physical therapy jobs, what interests you? Inpatient, outpatient or home care? Look closely at your strengths and weaknesses and analyze which will allow you to enjoy your work and serve patients better. Try being specific in your job search rather than applying for each and every job that you find.

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