How Do Visitors Respond To Your Website?

Is your website tracking how many visitors you get or what they are doing on your site? Is it estimating their gender, preferences, and behavior? If you have answered no to most, or worse to all of these items, then you are leaving a lot of data on the table.

So what is website tracking exactly and how can you benefit from it in the long run? Tracking involves the science of analyzing your website traffic, listening to the customer by observing behavior and improving your site. Google provides an outstanding, free analytical tool called ‘Google Analytics.’, which has proved quite useful in Physical Therapy Marketing. Its cutting edge and almost scary.

It can be implemented instantly in any Physical Therapy Business, and provides you with information such as:

–    The number of visitors on your site each day, time of visit and even their navigation                path through your site

–    Who referred the visitors;  how they found your site
–    ‘Goal tracking’ for example: What percentage of visitors clicked through to your                       contact page
–     At which page did a majority of visitors ‘exit’ the site (your weakest link)
–    Amount of time spent by visitors on individual pages and number of pages viewed
–    Ratio of new visits vs. visits from repeat individuals
–    Historical data, trend analysis and page to page/website comparison
–    Comparison of the performance of your emails, ad performance
–    Industry-wide benchmarking, e-commerce analysis and much more.

This will give you a clear idea of what visitors are expecting from your product or service, and will allow you to focus more on pages that work, and modify pages that don’t. Too many therapists waste time, money and resources on what they think instead of focusing on what they need. Ask yourself “How can I make this easier for my customers, and help them make sense of this information?”

When you capture this information, you will know instantly:

  1. Which pages your visitors are spending more time on
  2. How they find you.
  3. What they are interested in
  4. How to give them the content they want
  5. How to get them to take the most wanted action: CONTACT YOU FOR AN APPOINTMENT

Your website can now become your most powerful marketing tool. It’s your window to the world, so put your best content forward and track visitor behavior. The results will open new doors of communication with your patients.

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