When Will Your Next Breakthrough Happen?

I want to take this opportunity to salute you. I respect everything you do and I am humbled to be able to help you grow your practice for physical therapy marketing.

Take some time to relax. The biggest insights and breakthroughs come when you are in a relaxed environment outside of the hustle and bustle of your clinic.


Speaking of breakthroughs, here’s a thought.

We are all looking for a breakthrough.

Are you frustrated because you haven’t found a code that will allow you to effectively market the benefits of your physical therapy business clinic to physicians and your community. A code that allows you to generate the consistent referrals that are at the heart of any successful and thriving physical therapy practice?

Do you feel like you are always on the cusp of bringing together the exact formula that will create a stable financial revenue stream for your clinic, but fall short confused with more questions than answers?

Is each day an on-going struggle to get the momentum you need to grow your practice?

The big changes that make a monumental difference in your private practice can happen in an instant; but as a private practice owner, you need to understand that true change ONLY happens for a reason. There has to be a catalyst that sparks these internal changes – one decision,  one insight, or one idea, otherwise things will continue in your clinic exactly as they are now.

The stage is set for you to create a breakthrough to the next level for your practice if:

  • Whatever you’re doing doesn’t work for you anymore.
  • The sweeping changes of 2013 throughout the physical therapy community have left you ill-prepared and scrambling for solutions.
  • Change has become the only option if your practice is to survive.

Don’t Wait For A Breakthrough, Create One

Breakthroughs are needed for progress, for achievement, for improvement.  But don’t just wait for them to happen.

As a private practice owner, there may be times when you feel like you are at a standstill. You can’t find new ways to grow your practice.

If this describes you, now is the time to create your own breakthrough.

Seek out experts that have traveled the road to success before you.

Become an avid listener. Learn from experts who have multiplied and systemized their clinics, increased their revenues year after year despite the shifting economic landscape.

One decision…like registering to attend a live event like the Referral Ignition 2016, could be where you hear that one idea or obtain that one insight that is the catalyst for you creating the breakthrough that takes your practice to the next level.

If it’s habitual, stop doing it.

Habits are the invisible chains that hold you in your current ways of thinking and behaving. No one ever made a breakthrough without letting go of whatever has become habitual and automatic.

Stop following the crowd.
Stop following the crowd. Copying the tactics of your competitors – doing what has already failed and trying to make it work, is a doomed quest for those desiring a successful and thriving practice.  Innovation is implementing tactics and strategies in unexpected ways to create unique ideas and stimulate breakthrough thinking.

Finally, breakthroughs occur when you take action. Learn, and then implement:

  • Put systems (and people) in place to become a simpler, leaner private practice while your competitors continued down the same, beaten path.
  • Converge the patient’s desire for physical therapy and the physician’s need to refer with YOU at the center.
  • Re-invent, grow, expand and multiply your practice in the next 12 months.

The threats against physical therapy private practices are very real, and are mounting.

Bottom line: If you don’t have a plan about how to radically change your private practice to meet these threats, then now is the right time to change that.

So if you currently don’t have what you need to dramatically change your private practice, or if you’re struggling to figure out what that catalyst should be, I’d encourage you to think about attending the Ignition 2016 event.

Have a great week!

Nitin Chhoda PT, DPT

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